interior design + home staging

We are available for residential interior design as well as design & build  for retail, restaurant and unique pop up experiences. Our initial visit will allow us to assess your needs and view the property. To accelerate the process, we can begin online by viewing photos of the space prior to scheduling our visit. During the visit, my team and I will do a “walk-through” and may take photos and measurements. Afterwards, we will prepare an estimate for staging services.. Contact for consultation at 

creative direction + brand development 

client work | soul.eil vintage

lookbook for Soul.eil             Creative Direction: Old|New Collectiv          videographer: Stevenson Opoku        Models: Marcela de Campos, Natasha James, Patra Okelo, and Kana Suzuki         Stylest: Leanne Woodley

client work | soul.eil vintage

she is the bastardized lovechild of frida khalo and fela kuti. she needs not rebel, she simply lives in her truth. unafraid. undefined. socially conscious in and of herself. with a style all her own. there’s a sense of vintage cool, classic sartorialism and modern vibrancy in everything she wears. from congolese sapeurs, mexican frills to traditional North African garments, there’s always a strong cultural influence in her expression. her dpirit knows no other way. she is an expat of times past and creator of times to come. she lives in love and in light. she lives in soul.eil. featured in nylon magazine   

 creative direction: desiree venn frederic    wardrobe assistant: arneisha copeland    fotographer: laila saine    makeup: michanna murphy    shot on location at nomad yard collectiv  

product shoot for Soul.eil

Creative Direction: Old|New Collectiv Videographer: Stevenson Opoku Models: Marcela de Campos, Natasha James, Patra Okelo, and Kana Suzuki Stylist: Leanne Woodley - an emerging luxury vintage brand developed by old|new collectiv to fill the existing gap for expertly curated luxury vintage in the Washington, DC Metropolitan region.

the challenge

as a new player in an overcrowded, commoditized vintage market, Soul.eil's founder, Hannah Attai, a former Annie Creamcheese buyer and social entrepreneur, faced an uphill battle. not only was she charged with bringing to market a new offer in the face of a severe global economic downturn, they were an independent company competing against a host of well-established companies. further, time was of the essence. with vintage brands quickly disappearing from the Washington, DC region -  allowing only 3 months for old|new collectiv to work closely with Attai to create a compelling new vision for the offer and in turn, translate that into reality.

our solution

in collaboration with soul.eil, i conceptualized the brand image and solidified through strategy. by challenging existing conventions, inspiring new ways of thinking, and unlocking insights about what was missing in the vintage market we were able to reimagine every aspect - market research, contemporary brand integration, shoot production, design, brand story, launch event, public relations and social media awareness. the key to success was the importance of redefining luxury vintage for the Washington, DC market. by conceiving an experience that would resonate with “people who feel at home all over the world” we created an offer that was cultured, authentic, energizing, and welcoming – setting a new standard for the category for years to come.


listed by Nylon magazine as the online vintage shop 'you outta know' soul.eil continues to wow the market. the soul.eil brand launched on sunday, june 15, 2014 with a fully functioned e-commerce store and a conceptualized Marrakesh market themed pop up to acclaim from vintage experts, media publications and customers alike. we continue to build brand awareness through curated pop up experiences nationwide. additionally, the young brand is now stocked within nomad yard collectiv  located at 411 new york avenue ne washington, dc 20002. stay tuned for more from soul.eil. 

visit soul.eil to learn more about the brand, and follow them on instagramyoutubetumblr and twitter.


Nylon Magazine    |    Maadamoiselle    |    Clover Riot    |    Project Beltway    

"perhaps the coolest part of this web shop founded by Hannah Attia--a former fashion buyer, and current student from Washington, D.C.,--is the influence of pop-culture in the names of her products. among the gems inside this vintage heaven, you'll find a neon pink maxi dress called the "Billie Holiday," a belted tunic turtleneck dressed called the "Audrey Hepburn," a mod mini dress called the "Twiggy," and a sheer-sleeved sequined navy dress called the "Daisy Gatsby." And as if that wasn't cool enough, Attia donates five percent of each sale to her own non-profit organization, benefiting underprivileged youth in the D.C. area." -nylon magazine

project: a gentrified dc

what's scarier than gentrification? one need not be superstitious to see the changes all around washington dc, much like the rest of the united states. join us as we take you on a photo tour of gentrification under the guise of redevelopment in washington’s old central wholesale market located in northeast dc. the northeast market is a vast district, covering several square blocks and encompassing over 100 vendors. many of the buildings are owned by the vendors themselves and have been for decades. a quick walk among the grid of streets south and west reveals a staggering amount of diversity. the neighborhood is a “melting pot” unlike few others in the district of columbia. this is the original #unionmarket. and yes, it was also called union market. (some of the letters have been missing since a 2011 two-alarm fire that displaced the many small businesses that made this a commerce capital for dc. some refer to it as the florida avenue this is the new union market developed by edens, a multibillion-dollar developer and property owner based in columbia, south carolina. edens holds over 100 shopping centers up and down the east coast, the majority of which are run-of-the-mill strip malls anchored by well-known national retailers. union market dc is definitely one of their more unique properties, taking the shape of a food hall and focusing instead on local and regional vendors. according to the market’s website, edens “sees a bright future for the union market district defined by people, passion and possibility.” it envisions “an urban village born from the diversity of the dreams and energy of the nation’s capital. an authentic market of culture and commerce. a true gathering place that serves as an inviting melting pot of old world heritage and new world opportunities." what gets overlooked is that Union Market – the old, original Union Market, that is – is already a “district defined by people, passion and possibility” and an “urban village born from the diversity of the dreams and energy of the nation’s capital.” It’s already an “authentic market of culture and commerce,” and it’s a “true gathering place that serves as an inviting melting pot of old world heritage and new world opportunities” to boot. here are latino markets. a frequent stop of ours being, mexican fruits llc, family and snd operated for over a decade. they've been hurt by the new developement as patrons snob their establishment for overpriced fruit across the way at the "new" union market. there are caribbean, asian and african markets where you can buy jamaican patties, coconut water, pounds of bok choy or fresh goat, slaughtered daily from a local farm. and there’s been an excellent italian grocery and deli since 1926 on morse st. eden writes that, in recent decades, the district has become depressed. It promises the new union market “will be the heart and soul of a broader district bringing a renewed spirit to the neighborhood” and that the district “will once again be the engine of entrepreneurial spirit.” the original wholesale district, despite decades of neglect by the city and developers, continues to thrive amid a gritty facade. the district supports the needs of small businesses, restaurants, immigrant families and more.

creative direction: desiree venn frederic  photographer: rachel cumberbatcharneisha copeland  wardrobe: nomad yard collectiv  shot on location at the original union market, dc

project: urban nomad dc for urban ourtiffters

urban nomad is a sartorial bohemian experience curated by desiree venn frederic of nomad yard collectiv in partnership w| urban outfitters. the marketplace was formed to further a collaborative community that supports the local makers + collectors + doers. urban nomad dc featured partners of nomad yard, a collective of local brands of the found (vintage+antiques) + forged (handmade+supply). learn more about our collaborative model, voted #bestofdc 2015 on | use hashtag #urbannomaddc to share your experience. grateful to dc for supporting the vision + movement. you are love.

creative direction: desiree venn frederic   photographer: rachel cumberbatch   model: jasmin sellers    wardrobe: nomad yard collectiv    shot on location at nomad yard collectiv

are you seeking purpose or approval?

study | vintage as history.

i love the world of vintage + antiques bc it allows one to interface w| history. as it has been told. and as it truly was. allowing you to imagine the experiences + ideologies + perceptions + lives of those who existed during those eras. today, i sat under this piece, a 1930's permanent wave machine designed by karl nessner to create permanent curls in naturally straight european hair. so, while they told|tell you that your hair is unfavorable, they went through the extremes of combining a chemical alkali with a thermal heat process to achieve what universe have you naturally. perspective.