it’s strange when the source of your shame adopts the qualities you were shamed for, receives praise for these qualities, and is heralded as a trendsetter. add the mistrust from centuries of pillaging and displacing millions of people from their native lands. If you have learned from experience to be wary of trusting someone, you are much less inclined to trust them with something as sacred as your culture.

 we seek to deconstruct 9 ether african hair in its diversity and radicalism. we aim to explore the various phenomena that surround this conduit - historically, economically, socially, and culturally. our goal is to create a new anthropology of exploration and understanding of african hair with a focus on erotica, beauty and traditions. ultimately, we seek not only to examine how hair and the african intersect, but also to understand the role the body plays in the sociocultural, economic and political lives of africans particularly women. we seek original, unpublished and exclusive essays, short stories, memoirs, conversations, interviews, folk-tales and illustrations from creatives of all backgrounds - journalists, educators, feminists, womanists, academics and visual artists - etc. we want to know your views and understanding, critiques of others' views of the african hair and its representation, both historically and contemporarily.

we celebrate hair that is unapologetically african. the sculptural ability. the intricate texture. it is a conduit through which we impart our truth. 9 ether. life. universe. whole. 

we construct this solely for melanite peoples. the you that is me. they have denied. enslaved. tortured. murdered. shamed. raped. immunized. colonized. institutionalized. sterilized. marginalized. pillaged. diseased. bastardized. feminized. masculinized. and criminalized your very existence and yet you are still here. they question. poke. research. dissect. investigate. imitate. your nature. and can never innerstand you. it is their fear that causes them to act so heinously. they fear you. your god being. know this. you are not a perfect people and we owe no one an apology. we have done what is necessary to survive and the universe supports us. know this. 

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