with/out meaning is a canvas of open-ended colloquy where antiquated dichotomies are disqualified and possibility amplified. Presented with intention by Desirée venn Frederic + Tony Walker + SIR E.U with creative support by Dorian Gray.

without meaning: a concentrated treatment to reinvigorate intellect and imagination. 

How to Use: listen attentively from beginning to end at least once; once per what you ask? decide for yourself. repeat as desired. For best results, pair with a responsible intake of stimulant of your choice. we recommend, sunlight, fresh air and human beings. 

Ingredients: Erudition, insouciance, concision, onomatopoeia, allegory, exposition, allusion, anastrophe, synecdoche, metaphor, ekphrasis, irony, verisimilitude, euphony, assonance, litotes, caesurae, alliteration, metonymy.

What to Expect: Yourself.

Aroma: Pain, sound waves, possibility. 

Product texture: Like cowper’s fluid. hmmmm, tasty.

Feel: Stimulated…transported. 

We recommend pairing this stimulating audio with application of a consciousness.