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join us for a reading from “teaching gold-mah how to heal herself” by bilphena yahwon  a baltimore based writer + social justice advocate born in liberia, west africa and raised in danané, côte d'Ivoire. yahwon is the owner + curator of and the author of ‘teaching gold-mah how to heal herself.’ she writes of the immigrant experience, of blackness, of healing, of african women made from flowers breathing fragility. when she is not writing or in the classroom, bilphena enjoys wandering through spaces of foods, people(s), colors + lessons. 



Chuckwunonso Angel Dureke - Chuckwunonso Angel Dureke is a visual story teller and writer from Nigeria. She is the creator of "The Black Code" and 1/2 of 


IG - @panafriaka / twitter - PanAfriAKA



Tariq Touré - Tariq Touré is an essayist, poet and activist from West Baltimore. Touré has spent the last 9 years engaging with at risk African American males and advocating through organizing and prose for underserved populations. 

IG + Twitter - @TariqToure




Aayesha Ajiaz- Aayesha Ajiaz is a first generation Asian American Muslim. She is first a listener than an education. She lives and breathes through every aspect of story telling.




Salsabeel Abdelhamid - Salsabeel Abdelhamid is a Palestinian-American Muslim who is currently pursuing a degree in Sociology. She is also a consumer of art + literature that work to challenge the status-quo.


IG - @sabdelhamid 




Shannon Wallace - Shannon Wallace is a photographer + freedom fighter from East Baltimore. Her work focuses on the experiences, identities and struggles of black individuals. In addition to her photography she is a co-founder + journalist of Assata's Syllabus, a project which aims to control the narratives coming out of Baltimore. 


IG + Twitter - @_yoshann




Nita Strickland - Nita Strickland is a recent graduate of Towson University who studied sociology, anthropology and social justice along with a minor in lesbian + gay studies. Her goal in life is to seek social justice for everyone and bring social justice awareness in all that she does. 




Maider De Emilio Diaz - Maider De Emilio Diaz is a student of audiovisual communication born in the Basque Country, Spain. / Maider De Emilio Diaz es una estudiante de comunicación audiovisual nacida en el País Vasco, España.


IG -@m_deemiliodiaz




Anne-Sophie Amegah - Anne-Sophie Amegah is a visual artist born + raised in Lome, Togo. Her art is inspired by the thousands of photos that embodied her childhood in West Africa. Her art exist out of a need for her to create visuals that make you see the world as it is and still find it beautiful. 

IG + Twitter - @amongfragments /

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