fall texture play .../ i'm feeling myself. i'm feelin' myself....

i'm feeling myself. i'm feelin' myself, o'm feelin' myself
i'm feelin' my, feelin' myself
i'm feelin' myself, i'm feelin' my, feelin' my, feelin' myself
i'm feelin' myself, i'm feelin' my, feelin' myself… 

more specifically, i'm feelin' the visual and especially tactile quality of fabric and swooning into autumn. cooler temps make way for rich delicious texture the likes of leather, denim, jacquard, wool, silk pleats, and velvet- yes, sweet, sweet velvet!!! these are the fabrics that will have you feeling yourself — literally — this autumn. 


in collaboration with modcloth, i created this ensemble. enter, statement piece: fluid, wide leg, velvet pants with its vibrant avocado green- the color of 1960s linoleum are easily my favorite pantaloons of the season. i smartened up the easy flowing pants with a crisp white button down, but not one to be overshadowed, features a chic pleated waist that gives the most perfect cinch and flare effect. given my love for juxtaposition, i opted for a tough, worn leather jacket as my topper - the silver hardware adds just the rich amount of rebellious spirit. i threw on these endlessly chic matte black quay sunnies and off into the day. 


in collaboration with dorain gray + patricia nygaard.



long live denim, a staple c/o modcloth

the quintessential symbol of youth rebellion, expression, ever expressive and ever discreet, they exude sex appeal and simplicity, utility and timelessness - denim. 


in my study of fashion history, indigo better know as denim, exists prominently at the intersection of style and function. because of its durability, denim began as an ideal fabric for work wear - think fabric that hides all the sins, grit and grim of a hard days work. today, denim is one of the world’s most beloved and frequently worn fabrics. it is speculated that on any given day, more than half the world’s population is wearing denim. wow!

a fav, the wrangler authentic western jeans appeared on the market in 1947, a brand that originated with casey jones who had acquired the blue bell company a few years earlier. wranglers were popular with the rodeo cowboys and cowgirls, and by 1996 one out of every five pairs of jeans sold in america featured a wrangler label.

although fashion is victim to social saturation that causes styles to fade in popularity while our trend driven markets quickly replace the old with the new; wrangler denim however continue to stand the test of time. literally.

i picked this jacket up from modcloth in preparation for the fall/winter months. i opted for an x-large fit inspired by the recent wave of wearing a timeless piece in a trendy manner, i.e. off the shoulder- in true rihanna fashion! i paired it with denim - yes, denim on denim - tres chic and a pair of thigh high booties. again, rihanna approved lewks.


pick up a staple wrangler from modcloth.