through pan-africanism,

...africans collectively created a space whereby they asserted themselves as self-reliant stakeholders in the post-colonial era. this consciousness that was formed, which was birthed from the idea of unity and a new, imagined, autonomous africa, represented the first instance in history where africans could claim their rights. It was also the first instance where africans recognized themselves as self-determining, thus shaping and contributing to the discourses surrounding human rights, antidiscrimination and social justice. a fashioning of a new africa, or a reinvention of africa, by africans and the diaspora, began to take form, using the language and essence of human rights as an anchor. understanding pan-africanism as a consciousness, which led to various, sprouted social movements across the continent and in the diaspora (from the grassroots to the political space), requires an excavation and peeling back of the ways in which mass oppression, through colonial rule, gave birth to this global ideology. 

i gave a ted talk //


photo: victoria pickering

photo: victoria pickering

i gave a tedx talk last night about my immigration detention. i spoke on the criminalization of immigrants and economics of of the prison industrial complex. remember ava duvernay's 13th? well, it failed to mention that immigrants are the "new" market for the prison industrial complex. 

i am grateful for the opportunity to share a part of my story with the TEDcommunity. i must admit that it was both frightening and incredibly satisfying. 

in truth, i'm convinced no one listened to a word i had to say because these pants, The Fon's Culottes, designed by Nyorh Agwe stole the show. i mean....look at them. 


i was told i was the best dressed person to hit a ted stage, i'm putting that bit on my resume!!! seriously.

many thanks to all who shared the evening with me. your energy was felt. i'm grateful. *i cannot tag all of you, additional thanks to angela, kaye, tony, emma, the other tony, mark, aja, kendahl, taylor + all.

the video will publish on ted's website + youtube within the next few weeks, i'll be sure to share.

much more to come, stay connected at here and here.