name: desirée venn frederic
aka orisha ogun.
aka xodvf.
aka the alchemist.
aka mami wata.
company: xodvf x nomad yard x artist union
title: ever evolving-fluid being.
expert area: community advocac + world vintage + experiential art. 
annual salary: purpose fulfilled.
location: washington, dc by way of freetown, sierra leone.


antoinette brick's 'the name project' seeks to understand how our names shape our character and the role it plays in our identity. some reflect our cultural backgrounds. others are indicative of our parents' values, interest and ideologies. the writer + storyteller + videographer's platform, don't throw away the crust, is a brand dedicated to documenting the compelling stories of the marginalized peoples of the world though editorial, documentary photography and video. view the series here and connect with antoinette here.